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Kush Creams ֠Permafrost x SSD ֠Emu Oil & Hemp Oil Infused with 30+ Herbal Ingredients ֠Topical Pain Relief Cream with Aromatherapy ֠Award Winning ֠Doctor Recommended ֠Lab Tested ֠8 oz Jar

This is our Permafrost combined with Citrus mint scent. We’ve found that the citrus mint scent helps in relieving migraines. The organic menthol crystals combined with medicated emu oil delivers the medication deep & straight where you need it for almost instant pain relief with only a small dime size amount. Due to the icy effect this cream produces it is not suggested for use on sensitive skin, rashes, and open wounds. This cream is also very effective for migraines. This particular product is the “over the counter” version of Kush Creams made with premium hemp seed oil. The…

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